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Made with           in NZ


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Jo in  Bali

Sustainable, versatile and affordable

Multi-functional clothing that you'll love! 

Designed and ethically handmade to order in NZ

"Live Simply, Save Money and Look Fabulous"


Introducing the New Butterfly Dress


"One Item, 30+ ways"

Jo's Convertible Butterfly dress is an amazing versatile item of clothing designed to flatter and celebrate all shapes and sizes.  The possibilities are endless and this truly revolutionary dress will not only change the way you shop, but change the way you see yourself.  

Investing in a piece that will always look fantastic on you and have you ready for any occasion, from the boardroom to the beach, bridesmaid or ball. 

When one piece can replace thirty, its not only "good for you but good for the planet"

Product Details:

  • Flattering, comfortable can be worn 30+ different ways

  • Comfortable and great for travelling

  • Light and packs small, washes and dries quickly

  • Suits all women no matter what size or age you are

  • Unique fabrics to Jo's Convertibles (Polyester Spandex prints for comfort, elegance, easy care and wrinkle free

  • Bamboo Lycra fabric for those ladies who prefer a more environmentally friendly option)

  • Proudly made with        in NZ by Jo

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JC Collections


Butterfly Dress Black White Print

Butterfly Dress


JC Pants Drape

Convertible Pants


JC Headband Hat

Convertible Headband


JC Maternity Pants

Convertible Maternity Pants


JC Reversible Dog Bandanas Pacifia Paua

Reversible Dog Bandanas


Crazy Paua

Face Mask with/without
Filter Pocket     


Reversible Scrub Caps

Meet the Designer

Hi my name is Jo Birch and I am from beautiful Papamoa Beach in New Zealand.  A newcomer to the Fashion Industry with a passion for designing and making clothing that is comfortable, affordable and sustainable and for women who choose to live a "less is more" lifestyle.

Jo's Convertibles are proudly designed and made in NZ. Each piece is hand cut and sewn by myself, not in mills or factories. I am committed to supporting New Zealand made and only work with highly ethical and environmental focused companies when sourcing my fabrics.

Before COVID 19 I was a frequent traveller frustrated by always taking too many clothes and then still having nothing to wear that is comfortable, versatile but still able to look fabulous. Therefore, Jo's Convertibles was born and each piece in the JC Collection can be worn a multitude of beautiful ways.

"When one piece can replace twenty its not only good for you but its good for the planet"

"Live Simply, Save Money and Look Fabulous!"

Papamoa Beach (J H Birch Photography)
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