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About Jo's Convertibles

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My Mission

My mission is to simplify your life by maximising your wardrobe so you can do more styling with fewer pieces and choose to live a "less is more" lifestyle.  Many of us are in the habit of buying throwaway fashion and I am hoping to change the way you think by encouraging you to buy less, choose well and look fabulous".

As a frequent traveller I was frustrated by always taking too many clothes and then still having nothing to wear that is versatile, comfortable and still look fabulous.  Therefore, Jo's Convertibles was born and I wanted to empower women to make fashion work for them no matter what size or age you are.

Each piece in the JC Collection is designed to be worn a multitude of beautiful ways. When one piece can replace twenty its not only good for you but good for the planet.


Clothes Hanging




- Vivienne Westwood

Creative Process

I make sustainable and ethically made to order clothing that can be worn a multitude of beautiful ways. For my customers this means customising length, inseams and special sizing along with limited editions and prints.  

Each piece is hand cut and sewn by Jo herself not in mills or factories. Committed to supporting New Zealand made and only work with highly ethical and environmental focused companies when sourcing my fabrics.

"Live Simply, Save Money and Look Fabulous"

Jo working at Home
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