Faux Singlet/Off the Shoulder Dress or Top

Step 1:

To start the faux singlet dress or top pinch the material turn the material inside out with seam at the front

Step 2:

Place fingers half way along one side of seam as shown

Step 3:

Tie with elastic band as tight as you can 

Step 4:

Do the same knot on the other side (as shown)

Step 5:

Turn the material inside out so ties are on the inside (as shown)

Step 6:

Put dress on with seam at the back this time

Step 7:

Pull the sides together until you are happy with the fit

Step 8:

Either tie in front or behind, gather material underneath as shown

Step 9:

Tie underneath with an elastic band

Finished Style No 1:

You have created the Faux Singlet Dress or Top tied at the back

Finished Style No 2:

Pull the shoulders down and you have created an Off The Shoulder Dress or Top


Video:  How to do the Faux Singlet Dress or Top