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"One item, 30 ways"

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"One Design, Endless Possibilities"

Jo's Convertibles is every womens wardrobe staple and is designed to transform from dress to skirt to scarf to top effortlessly no matter what your size.  It can be worn for any occasion from beach to office, wedding, cocktail parties and even to sleep!  

The secret is the clear elastic bands that hold the looks together and with detailed and easy to read instructions you to can create endless styles.

Hand made in NZ by Jo

95% Rayon and 5% Spandex material sourced from the USA

Beautiful soft and very stretchy material which fits all sizes.

Lovely and cool in summer and warm in winter.

How to Style the JC Dress/Top


Click on picture on how to style


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Infinity Scarf

Basic Wrap

Double Scarf/Snood

High Neck 

Hoodie scarf

Halter with bracelet

Wrap tied in front


One Shoulder wrap

Basic Strapless

One Shoulder


Off the Shoulder

Faux Singlet

Knotted Strapless

One Shoulder open

Cold Shoulder



Side tied Skirt

Skirt tied behind

Ruched Skirt


Tips on how to wear

Jo's Convertibles

1.  Always make sure the seam is on the inside of the  

    material & depending on which style the seam should       always be on the side or right down the middle at the

    back or on the side.

2.  When creating a style try and pinch the material with

     your fingers rather than grabbing it with your hands. 

3.  Tie the elastic band like you are tying a pony tail and

      do make sure you tie it as tight as possible otherwise

      you will have a wardrobe malfunction!

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Knotted Halter Dress

Halter Dress

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