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Jo's Convertible Headband

"One Item, 20+ ways"

How to Style the JC Headband

Mini Infinity Scarf

Simply pull JC scarf over your neck for an effortlessly cool look, which will also keep you warm

Neckband Style

Keep it around your neck but pull it up over your chin and back of you neck

The Bandit Mask

Same as neckband style but pull up to just below your eyes (great against dirt, dust and aerosols)


Wrap around your wrist enough times so the fit is snug, a great way to absorb sweat

The Dreamer

Pretty self explanatory just pull over your eyes as an eye mask

The Hairband 

Begin as a scarf around your neck then pull it up at the front to push your hair back (great for long or short hair)

Headband Style

Same as the hairband but pull down to cover your ears with the polar fleece

Scrunchie Style

Like a simple scrunchie, just wrap it around your ponytail to hold your hair back

     Ponytail Hat Style

Like the Headband style but put your hair into a pony tail and pull out from the hat

Beanie Style

Turn JC Headband inside out. Place one end on the top of your head then twist in the centre twice then take opening above the twist and pull it down over your head.

Foulard Style

A simple do rag pulled over your head and left open at the back to protect your neck from the sun


Start off with the Hoodie then take material from just under your chin and double it up and pull up to cover your nose for added warmth

Paired with a Hat 

Put your JC headband around the top of the hat for a splash of colour

Hat Liner Style

To wear underneath your hat. Put over your head in whatever style your like then pop your hat on top

Helmet Liner Style

Same as the hat liner but use JC headband underneath your helmet

Sunguard Style

Put it around your neck and pull the back up and over the back of you head then place your hat or helmet on top

Hoodie Style

This covers most of your head, keep the front of the neck scarf under your chin and pull the back up to cover your head

Flower Child Style

Just like the hairband style but just pin a flower or bling clip on the side

Bobble Hat Style

Give your beanie a bit of a flair.  Start off with the beanie but tie the loose end into a big top on top of your head

Sahara Style

Turn the JC Headband inside out, lay it flat over your hear head with the opening at the front & the back.  Open the top layer and hold inside with a hand over your forehead and with the other hand pull the top layer down over your head to for a cap

Bandana Style

Turn inside out, put both arms through and cross the both ends of the headband.  Pull both ends to fort a know and shape it is the opening is large enough to fit your head. Put on your head and adjust

Turban Style

Doggie Headband

Chelsea Style

Again like the hairband style but just twist in the front to form a turban look

Tie your hair into a low bun and place the JC headband underneath and pull down to adjust

If you are out with your doggie then why don't they have a matching headband!