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JC Face Masks

Jo and Daisy Pacific Jewel Face Mask and

Jo's Convertible Face Masks are the most stylish comfortable, versatile and unique masks around.  

If you have to wear a mask at least you can look FABULOUS!!

Legally you now need to wear a face covering for everyone over 12 years of age in public this can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. It helps stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. This includes someone who has COVID-19 but feels well or has no obvious symptoms.


These masks help insure that critical supplies of surgical and N-95 masks are reserved for the Medical and Dental Personnel.  Masks should not be placed on young children under age 2.                                                                              

Filter Pocket Face Masks
$20 Adults
$15 Kiddies

Jo's Convertible Face Masks are the most comfortable, stylish, versatile and unique masks round.  If you have to wear a mask at least you can look FABULOUS!!

Product Details:

  • Can be custom made to suit your taste, you choose the reverse colour

  • Two layers (made from 100% Cotton, Cotton Blend or Organic Cotton

  • Soft and breathable - inner layer made of high quality organic cotton

  • Easy to wash and dry

  • Pocket to put a filter in

  • One size fits all (adjustable ties to secure around your ears)

  • Unique Kiwiana Prints and other fabrics unique to Jo's Convertibles

  • Can be made to match Jo's Convertible Dog Bandanas

  • Hand made with       in NZ by Jo 


  • Outer Layer: Cotton 100% 

  • Inner Layer and filter pocket:  Cotton 100% or Organic Cotton 100%

Wash Instructions:

  • Machine Washable, Hot rinse. Hang to dry. Iron if needed (no bleaching or tumble dry)    

Important Note:

  • Wash masks before using.  Wash after each use.  DO NOT share a mask that has been worn by someone and has not been washed since! DO NOT MICROWAVE.

  • Elastic ties go around the ears and has a toggle to tighten up to fit your face secure 

  • Mold wire to the bridge of the nose to secure tightly

  • Once in use, only wear with one side against your face to prevent placing possible contamination next to your face

  • Mask can be machine (or hand) washed, dried and re-used.  If wire tie starts to rust or poke through, cut a small slit on back of mask at one end of the pocket securing the wire.  Remove wire tie and replace with wire, plastic ties even pipe cleaners.  Hand