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Size Guide

All measurements below are industry standard sizes, if you are unsure of your size please just send me your measurements.

I can custom make the pants to fit you perfectly!

Fit advice for Convertible Pants 

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   To assist you with getting your size correct, I suggest you

   get a friend to help take your measurements using a 

   measuring tape using tips below and compare to my 

   size guide (to make to fit perfectly please include  

   measurements when ordering)

   Measuring Tips:

   * Stand with your feet together and arms by your sides.  

     Stand up tall and don't slouch

   * Pull the tape measure snug against your skin but not too


   * Use your exact measurements when selecting your size


   Measure around the narrowest part of your waste, find

   your natural waistline


   Measure the fullest part of the hip about 20cms below

   your waist

   Outer seam:

   Measure from the top of the waist to the length you

   you would like your pants

   Inner seam:

   Measure from the inside of your thigh to the length you

   would like your pants


 How to measure for Convertible Pants:

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Size Guide for Dog Bandanas

Extra Small/Toy:  Fits Neck 17-27cm

Suitable for Toy Dog breeds Yorkies, Puppies, Cats etc


Small:  Fits Neck 27-37cm

Suitable for Chihuahua, King Charles, Papillion, Cavoodle

Small French, Mini Dachsunds etc     


Medium:  Fits Neck 37-47cm

Suitable for Large French, Dalmatian, Border Collie

Large Pug, Staffy, Small Kelpie etc  


Large:  Fits Neck 47-57cm

Suitable for Golden Retriever, German Shepherd

Labrador, Large Kelpie, Doberman etc


Extra Large:  Fits Neck 57-77cm

Suitable for St Bernard, Dogue De Bordeaux

Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, etc   




All sizes are guides only (if you are not sure please email me) 

JC Reversible Dog Bandanas Pacifia Paua
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Fit advice for Butterfly Dress


The Jo's Convertible Butterfly Dress or Top is an item of clothing where it doesn't matter how much you weigh or what shape or size you are.  All I need is your bust measurement so its fits snuggly across your bust (obviously if you a tall or short I can adjust the length to suit you) please put in notes how tall you are so I can adjust the dress to fit you perfectly.

This means that even if you consider yourself to be plus size, you may still wear a small or a medium as the dress is fluid with generous fabric and innovative ways to minimize or accentuate what you love about your figure. The Butterfly Dress loves curves and looks beautiful on EVERY BODY because YOU decide what you want to accentuate by the way you style it to suit your figure!


This truly revolutionary dress will not only change the way you shop, but change the way you see yourself. Investing in a piece that will always look fantastic on you and have you ready for any occasion, from the boardroom to the beach, bridesmaid or ball. 

Butterfly Dress Size Guide


If you are unsure of your size, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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