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Convertible Clothing for Women "Live Simply, Less Waste and Look Fabulous!"

Updated: May 7, 2020

Jo's Convertibles is a range of convertible clothing for women and girls of all ages and sizes from convertible pants, convertible tops and dresses and even a convertible headband (flattering, versatile and suits women of all shapes and sizes)

Imagine just having a few items of clothing you can wear different ways (think how much money you will save and great for when you are travelling.)

By now it is clear that sustainability and the fashion and manufacturing industry are two things that must go hand in hand if we want to ensure the future of our clothes, and also our planet.

"Long gone are the days of fast and disposable fashion. As we learn more regarding what we put on our bodies is becoming more available with clothing companies striving towards a more transparent way of working. Customers are demanding to know where their clothes were made, if they were produced humanely and sustainably and if the item they are buying can be used to its fullest potential"

One of the responses to these uprising demands is Convertible clothing. This is not a new concept but what these products offer consumers is the opportunity to make an investment in an item of clothing that can be used for a longer period of time through high-quality manufacturing, but at the same time they also respond to our natural desire for a varied wardrobe that is versatile with existing items. (WORTH Partnership Project)

Convertible clothing evolves from the idea that fashion comes and goes Halter style is in vogue for a season, then gives way to the hooded style. Hemlines keep changing and so do patterns and designs. Considering the prices of garments, it becomes difficult to throw away carefully chosen apparel simply because the style is out of fashion. Convertible dresses work wonders when it comes to staying trendy without investing in another dress (Fibre2Fashion)

Below examples of Jo's Convertible Pants (1 item you can wear 10+ ways)

1. Stripey Jo's 2. Zebra "Ang" 3. Black "Tayla" 4. Animal 5, Floral "Leesa"

Example of Jo's Convertible Top (1 item you can wear 30+ ways)

Example of Jo's Convertible Headband (1 item you can wear 16+ ways)

Most modular and convertible clothing come at a higher cost (but Jo's Convertibles are very affordable and a lot cheaper than most of the convertible clothing out there) this is because with daily life costs most people can't afford to spend a lot of money on clothing. The idea is to reduce consumption of fast fashion which impacts the environment negatively in numerous ways by purchasing clothes that last much longer resulting in consumers being able to save money and the planet at the same time.

I encourage you to be a part of this new mentality and to question exactly where your clothes are coming from and how you can contribute positively to a more sustainable future. "Live Simply, Less Waste and Look Fabulous!"

Written by Jo Birch May 2020

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