"Convertible Clothing" How to travel light, save the planet and still look fabulous!

The big question is, not how to travel light (we can all do this if we really try and no doubt you have probably read hundreds of blogs on how to pack light) but most importantly how to still look fabulous, help the plant while living out of your suitcase.

Unfortunately the fashion industry is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gases which is heating up our planet. Not to mention all the piling up of landfills, water and air pollution.

You ask yourself, what can I do to help save the planet? Well, I have the answer, Convertible Clothing! Imagine just a couple of items of clothing you can wear endless ways, not only is it great for the planet but imagine how light your suitcase would be. You could, do I dare say it, just travel with a carry on! But the most important things is you will always look fabulous and put together.

Jo's Convertibles is a range of convertible clothing for women and girls of all ages and sizes from convertible pants, convertible tops and dresses and even a convertible headband (flattering, versatile and suits women of all shapes and sizes)

Below examples of Jo's Convertible Pants (1 item you can wear 10+ ways)

1. Stripey Jo's 2. Zebra "Ang" 3. Black "Tayla" 4. Animal 5, Floral "Leesa"

Example of Jo's Convertible Top (1 item you can wear 30+ ways)