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THE TRANSFORMERS: Conscious Convertible Clothing

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

By Zara Williams (2016)

What if I told you that you could spend the same money you’d dole out on an outfit…and get two for one? Not thanks to some miraculous sale, but thanks to the magic of convertible clothing.

Garments with this kind of ingenious design allow you to create several different looks using one single piece, reducing not only the cash you’re dropping, but also the amount of clothing you’re purchasing. Pretty smart, right? Just think of the space you’ll save, and how much easier it will be to pack light for a weekend away. And what about after-work events? A transformable dress is the perfect

solution to help you switch your style in seconds.

Of course, multifunctional items are inherently more sustainable since they require fewer resources to make than their separate counterparts. Check this out, for example: according to the WWF, it takes 2,700 litres to produce the average cotton shirt. So if you buy a white shirt that reverses into a black one, that means you’ve used far less water (and spent less money!) than if you’d bought two!

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