Jo's Convertible Butterfly top is similar to the Butterfly dress but shorter and is an amazing versatile item of clothing that can be worn 15+ different ways! With Batwing sleeves that can be tied around your neck for a sleeveless halter, tucked in to create a one shoulder style or tied at the waist for a completely different strapless look or as a skirt and so much more.  The relaxed fit and unique waistband are incredibly flattering and tummy friendly while making it the perfect choice to pack in your carry-on. When one piece can replace 30 its not only good for you but good for the planet.

Product Details:

  • Flattering, comfortable can be worn 30 different ways

  • Comfortable and great for travelling

  • Light and packs small, washes and dries quickly

  • Suits all women no matter what size or age you are

  • Unique fabrics to Jo's Convertibles (Polyester Spandex for comfort, elegance, easy care and wrinkle free and Bamboo Lycra fabric and merino for those ladies who prefer a more environmentally friendly option)

  • Proudly made in NZ by Jo


Fabric: Bamboo 96% Spandex 4%

               Polyester 95% Spandex 5% 

               Merino 100%


Wash instructions:  Jo recommends that you hand wash the Butterfly Top.  Hang to dry or lay flat. You may put the Butterfly Top in a mesh garment bag in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Do not put in the dryer and do not dry clean.

JC Butterfly Top Bamboo Lycra Turquoise