Jo's Reversible Dog Bandanas are the most comfortable, fun and the coolest dog bandanas around! In this cool black and white silver fern colour.  You can choose what colour you want on the reverse side free of charge.

Product Details:

  • Reversible so can be worn for two different looks

  • The bandanas are worn behind their collar so will not interfere with leads or harnesses and are very easy to put on or remove with a large velcro arm

  • Can be worn wet on hot summer days against their chest to help reduce their temperature by 3-4 degrees (results will vary)

  • If you have a dog that is stressed you can place a few drops of lavender oil on their bandana to help calm your dog

  • If you have a dog that has breathing difficulties you can place some eucalyptus blend oil on their bandana to help them breathe the oil in and clear the sinus without touching the dogs skin (No essential oils should EVER BE PUT DIRECT ON YOUR DOG – I also suggest only using 100% pure essential oils from a New Zealand reputable company)

  • Comfortable and great for travelling. They are light and packs small, washes and dries quickly

  • Made for all sizes of dogs and can even custom make and make to match Jo's Convertible Pants or Headbands

  • Unique fabrics to Jo's Convertibles   

  • Hand made in NZ by Jo                                                                                                          


Fabrics:  Cotton 100%


Wash instructions: Machine washable. Cold Rinse. Hand to Dry (no tumble dry or bleach)

JC Reversible Dog Bandana "Silver Fern"