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JC Maternity Pants

"One Item, 10+ ways"

Hey Mama!  Are you looking for the perfect Maternity Pants that you can wear at least 10+ different ways? These are the most comfortable, flattering and amazing pants you will ever own.  They are stunning and stylish - cleverly creating super model legs and suits every body shape!

And the best thing about JC Maternity Pants is that you can wear them before, during and after pregnancy!!

JC Maternity Pants
JC Maternity Pants

Product Details:

  • Can be worn a variety of ways. Both sides have loops at the top and with 6 buttons on the waistband so you can create a drapey look, a cross over pant look, a wrapped look, a knotted look the possiblities are endless

  • The soft high waist band is super comfy and can be worn super high up over your tummy or fold down for a mid rise look

  • The legs taper in at the knee and ankle (and can be custom made to suit your shape)

  • You can pull the bottom of the pants up to the mid calf and also to the knee to create different looks

  • Comfortable and great for travelling. They are light and packs small, washes and dries quickly

  • Suits all women, sizes and age

  • Unique fabrics to Jo's Convertibles (and the soft stretch fabric allows for free and unrestricted movement whether you are at work or at home

  • Proudly made with        in NZ by Jo

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